We supplied and fitted our traditional Sand/Cement Fibre Screed in this absolutely glorious location in Redcastle, Donegal.  This screed is expertly delivered using our state-of-the-art, computerised, Mobile Screed Factory.  Sand, cement, and fibres are expertly weighed and dosed for accurate and speedy delivery.

Our Traditional Sand / Cement Floor Screed is a pneumatically pumpable, high-quality, levelling floor screed material based on sand and cement. It’s mixed using Portland Cement, sand, fibres and water and is factory produced on-site by our state-of-the-art mobile screed factory. Our floor screed complies with the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002 and BS 8204: Part 1 and can be used for bonded, unbonded and floating floor screed constructions for both residential and commercial applications. This screed is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings, and places exposed to similar loads.

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icon-pdf TDS Traditional Sand / Cement Leveling Floor Screed

Benefits of Traditional Sand / Cement Floor Screed

• Factory produced on site
• Fibre reinforced
• Bonded floor screed construction
• Unbonded floor screed construction
• Suitable for underlayment in wet areas
• BS 8204-1 ISCR Categories A, B and C

Click the video for a demo of Traditional Sand / Cement Floor Screed