Rapid Drying Floor Screed

Our Rapidur® EB5 Rapid Drying Sand / Cement Levelling Floor Screed is a pumpable, high-quality, rapid drying, levelling floor screed material based on sand, cement, and Sopro Rapidur® EB5 screed accelerator. It’s mixed using Portland Cement, sand, fibres, Sopro Rapidur® EB5 screed accelerator, and water.  It is factory-produced on-site by our state-of-the-art mobile screed factory. Our floor screed complies with the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002 and BS 8204: Part 1 and can be used for bonded, unbonded, and floating floor screed constructions for both residential and commercial applications. The hydration process is speeded up through rapid water-binding properties allowing early floor covering installations.


Our Rapid Drying Screed is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings, and places exposed to similar loads. It may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load-bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier (polythene) or a floating floor. Rapidur® EB5 Rapid Drying Sand / Cement Floor Screed should and can be covered early with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork or carpet.

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icon-pdf TDS B Doherty Screeding – Rapid Drying Floor Screed

Benefits of B Doherty Rapid Drying Floor Screed

• Factory Produced On-Site
• Rapid Drying and Fibre Reinforced
• Allowing early use of screed
• Allowing early floor covering installations
• Bonded, Unbonded and Floating Floor Screed Constructions
• Suitable For Underlayment In Wet Areas
• BS 8204-1 ISCR Categories A, B and C